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Найдено 7 результатов

  1. С понедельника 13 февраля 2017 года, 10 часов утра, вступят в силу обновленные правила сервера. По итогам голосования игроков в правила добавлен следующий пункт: 1.9 Запрещено преодолевать частоколы и стены посредством конструкций из переносимых объектов. Все прорывы должны быть проведены сквозь проломы в фортификационных сооружениях. Наказание за это последует лишь в случае фиксации данного нарушения посредством запечатления на видео. Должны быть ясно различимы: ник игрока, занимающегося установкой либо, использованием «штурмовой лестницы»; сама конструкция; стена или иное фортификационное сооружение. Также в качестве доказательств принимается видео таймера с ником на переносимых объектах. Наказанию подлежат в равной степени и создатель «лестницы» и те, кто ею воспользуется. Так же было изменено правило 3.3, из которого убрали данное предложение: Также запрещены ники, написанные прописными и строчными буквами вперемешку (ВоТ тАкИм ОбРаЗоМ). Добавлен пункт 3.5: У создаваемого персонажа обязательно должна быть фамилия, даже если она состоит из одной буквы. Не допускается написание в фамилии любых спец символов, например таких как ~ (тильда), - (тире) и прочих, если помимо этих символов в фамилии нет букв. Спасибо всем, кто принимал участие в голосовании и нашел время выразить своё мнение! Всем приятной игры! p.s. Данные правила не касаются Ролевого сервера.
  2. LiF:Your Own (version by Arrakis » Yesterday, 20:46 Patch notes (ver. New features and tweaks: Added Christmas is feudal special set of craftable items - hats, boots and gloves You can now bind yourself to siege tents and keeps. Resurrecting there will significantly decrease your resurrection sickness. Recommended to do only for important warriors in an events involving sieges/raids. Implemented a shiny new GM robe, old GM robe is called "Believer Robe" now. Torch can now be easily made out of basic materials and does not require naphtha. It does not require Demolition skill and deals VERY low siege damage Added new weapon item "Siege Torch". Made with Warfare Engineering from naphtha, required Demolition skill, has normal siege damage Added a loosen snow substance to avoid steep hills being created with snow Added sow, cow and hind wild animals to the game Decreased wild animals chance to inflict wound/fracture/stun Removed ability to block with a pike Defensive fence: damage now dependent on actual durability instead of objects weight Boar and moose attacks damaging sector/reach increased Wild animals should be properly animated on steep terrain tiles Entities: loot, dropped objects, tombstones, corpses are excluded from "Inspect Object" ability Shape ability is now back in Material preparation skill. Mortar and pestle can now be crafted with a branch as other primitive tools Implemented GM log in Database. May be handy for admins to monitor GMs activity Implemented /JT GM command that allows a GM to jump on certain parts of any terrain. Also implemented /invul command, that grants invulnerability to a GM Players should have a proper invulnerability buff, after log in and recall to home. Effect disappears as soon as player starts movement. Adding support of Czech and Korean languages. Bug fixes: Players that have fallen under the terrain should be returned back to the surface automatically Fixed rare crashes on tooltips Fixed formations related bug that could result in a huge defense bonus making player almost invulnerable Fixed GM camera jittering while flying in it Fixed permanently sliding/hanging horses Optimized wild animals navmesh. That should improve performance during maintenance, but might increase new world creation time Fixed emotes sounds Тема на официальном форуме: http://lifeisfeudal.com/forum/lif-your-own-version-1-1-8-0-t21928/ Быстрый перевод от гугл: ====================================================================== LiF:Your Own (version by Arrakis » 45 minutes ago In this patch, we’ve provided a fix to the crops growth algorithm, which was not calculating growth as intended. It now works as intended; crops receive growth increment once sunny weather changes into the shower weather and vice versa. All other types of weather are not taken into account. It takes 4 incrementations before you see the result of the growth (model change). So let’s say that you have had the following weather in the last two weeks in game: Day 1: Sunny Day 2: Shower (+1 growth) Day 3: Shower Day 4: Sunny (+1 growth) Day 5: Shower (+1 growth) Day 6: Cloudy Day 7: Cloudy Day 8: Shower Day 9: Sunny (+1 growth, you’ll see green sprouts) Day 10: Shower (+1 growth) Day 11: Shower Day 12: Cloudy Day 13: Sunny (+1 growth) Day 14: Shower (+1 growth) Day 15: Sunny (+1 growth, you’ll see fully grown crops that can be harvested) After three more growth increments, fully grown crops will rot and disappear. So, as you can see, you need an ideal balance of sun and rain for your crops to grow faster. Spring and early Summer are the best seasons for crop growth, of course! Plus, after this fix, crops should grow significantly faster now. P.S. There are some minor tweaks to the skills progression speeds and stamina they spend.
  3. Some visual improvements ( by Arrakis » Today, 13:32 Life is Feudal: Your Own Hey everyone, If you follow our development blogs, you’ll probably have seen that we’ve announced some visual changes in our game! If not, don’t worry - you can take a quick glance at those here. This current patch brings those visual changes live to your PCs! Patch notes (ver. New features and tweaks: Reworked the HDR system completely. Make sure to try playing with different settings in the Video options menu Nights have become darker now. Be sure to wield a torch before you go for a wander Eye adaptation effect has been implemented. You can see it while entering or leaving buildings or darker parts of world Ambient lighting has been tweaked to provide better visual quality in shaded areas Added some more minor visual effects and improvements Increased warehouses window size for easier inventory management Repair ability duration changed from 5 seconds to 10-8 seconds Fortifications are harder to repair now Large repair kits are now 10x more effective than the small one Added new trophies (boar, wolf, bull) Reworked some existing models: Campfire, Forge and anvil, Potter's wheel, Quern, Deer Trophy, Masterwork vase, Vase, Winepress, Stone wall sections, Wooden wall sections, Loom, Bed, Bench, Chair, Decorated bed, Expensive bench, Table, Wall Shelf, Sleeping Bag, Throne, Wooden mill, Big Plaster house Bug fixes: Provided a couple of serious client side optimizations, which should increase your FPS in crowded areas Some potential/rare crashes have been fixed Fixed a vulnerability that allowed game servers to be crashed remotely (“Death Star” found by Alakar) Short Pike and Long Pike "wall of pikes" attacks now works as intended Новость на официальном форуме: http://lifeisfeudal.com/forum/some-visual-improvements-1-1-4-4-t20587/
  4. A LOT of server and client optimizations in before the next MMO beta wave( by Arrakis » Today, 15:35 Hey everyone, Once again we want to thank our community for helping us to develop our game! Due to recent load tests that were performed along with our community members, we’ve managed to find some code that was not optimal. Fixing these code parts resulted in a significant server performance boost that can vary from 10% to 25%! We’ve also implemented one of the highly-requested features by our community - an observe mode that can be used while running. Patch notes (ver. New features and tweaks: Implemented new Observe mode that can be enabled by hitting F3 (by default). You can now see terrain tiles altitude and block status while moving. Buildings that were destroyed by decay or by siege damage now destroy all movable object on/inside those buildings. Items that were inside those buildings and movable containers are being dropped into ruins, but partially lost during collapse. Server admins can now setup telnet remote connection to their server console by typing telnetSetParameters(#port#, "fullAccessPass", "readOnlyPass"); Updated wooden keep model Bug fixes: Managed to achieve a significant server side performance boost Fixed a couple of model collision meshes to be more adequate Fixed an overpowered “lance-slashing” combat technique that resulted in enormous amounts of damage Creating screenshots should no longer slightly freeze your client P.S. We’re still working hard with MMO bugs and fixes along with a new Guilds system that took us a bit longer than we’ve expected, to make it work properly. We hope that in a few weeks we will be ready to start wave #1 of the beta tests. Thanks for your patience and support! Новость на официальном форуме: http://lifeisfeudal.com/forum/a-lot-of-server-and-client-optimizations-in-before-the-next-t20372/
  5. Thanks for your reports! ( 29 июля - Life is Feudal (Bobik) Hey everyone, Firstly, we’d like to thank everyone who has reported serious bugs, dangerous dupes and any exploits that still existed in our game, until this current patch! Now, we are happy to say that they are all fixed (at least, we hope so!). Thank you for your patience and attention to detail! Patch notes (ver. Bug fixes: Fixed terraforming related tunneling dupe Fixed substance dupe when using fertilizer Fixed rendering of particles when the particles’ source is moving Fixed some objects that were impossible to place/drop if they were damaged Server should no longer crash when trying to destroy your own building on your guild’s claim You can rotate the trebuchet properly now Fixed damaged sapper charge to now blow up with enormous power You can upgrade all guild monuments properly now ============================================================== p.s. Наш сервер будет обновлен в ближайшее время.
  6. Long live LiF:YO! ( 22 июля - Life is Feudal (Bobik) Hey everyone, It has been some time since our last patch - some of you may have even started to believe the one or two doomsayers proclaiming that we’ve abandoned the development of LiF:YO for the sake of the MMO - yikes. We think the best way to prove them wrong is by taking action! So behold our latest patch! Patch notes (ver. New features and tweaks: Implemented a physics model approximation for movable objects. You can no longer hang them in the air or place inside other objects or walls. Objects without collisions (decorations mostly) do not follow these rules and still can be hung in the air. Objects in destroyed buildings will still hang in the air. We will properly make fall/destruction of such objects in the next patch Implemented new rolling wind feature (Video) along with multiple groundcover (grass, rocks and crops) optimization Every building now has siege damage resistance, depending on its type. Fortifications, for example, have higher resistance than civilian buildings Decreased all abilities progress multipliers (20/30/45/60 percent for 1/2/3/4 tier skills). Demolition skill rises faster now Updated prices and weights of different objects Clay has a lower height difference coefficient now. You will not be able to terraform steep terrain walls with clay anymore Tweaked repair kit prices and repair kits prices during repair process. Repair kit quality now affects repair process speed Updated wheelbarrows and carts movement speeds accordingly Reworked and optimized particles system for better quality and performance Herbal garden harvest decreased(40->10). Herbal garden progress no longer resets after server restart Beehives no longer collect honey from loosened soils (which have no grass or flowers) Added new objects: Wooden wall square, Wooden wall defences, Wooden wall 45degL, Wooden wall 45degr, Walls with loopholes Updated old objects: Wooden barbacan, Wooden gate, Wooden wall Reworked terrain textures (more details Added GM Robe (ID=1379) Bug fixes: Fixed antidote mechanics. It now properly removes poisons and provides poison immunity depending on poison and antidote magnitudes. Maximum poison duration is now 10 seconds Fixed bug with incorrect poison magnitude calculation while stacking them in inventory Poled melee weapons now properly track shaft and blade hitting nodes simultaneously Fixed melee weapons passing and damaging through walls Fixed a bug, which allowed a player to change guild’s heraldry multiple times while in game When leader of a guild changes, roles are set properly now both for new leader and old one Fixed sudden death while jumping on a gatehouse Piercing bolt and stopping power crossbow abilities can no longer be applied on the same bolt Working tanning tubs and drying racks can now react properly on abilities Abilities can now be interrupted by a successful shield bash Fixed arrows getting stuck in the water Fixed a couple of bugs, where tools would not lose their durability Soil and other terrain substances can now be properly dropped outside of inventory, ignoring other windows on HUD Fixed a server crash while blessing other player that disconnects during the process Ctrl + H no longer resets font size settings in GUIs God’s mercy blessing will not be removed when logging back in after a disconnect Optimized video memory usage Fixed crash during client disconnect P.S. since we’ve had a large patch today, we’ve decided to move this week’s Devblog update to Monday!