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  1. LiF:Your Own (version by Arrakis » Today, 15:27 Patch notes (ver. New features and tweaks: Completely redesigned the combat skill tree. Make sure to open your skill book and spend some time familiarizing yourself with it. Note that skillcap setting will be different for crafting, combat and minor skills now Implemented a new object selection algorithm, which should increase your game performance slightly, especially in an area with a lot of objects and trees (note that inside buildings some improperly placed storage items, like crate, barrels etc., may become stuck, you will need GM assistance to get them out) Optimized and partially rewritten AI system. These changes may result in a slight server side performance boost, but they are mainly designed to be a foundation for Natives and horse-driven carts Implemented parallax effect on terrain textures Added ‘Maximized window’ display mode You can change language in Game settings menu now, as well as guid invites, groups and barter requests All types of damage affect movable objects now Implemented ‘chopping’ type of damage for different axe-type weapons. This type of damage is more effective against small, movable objects than slashing, blunt or piercing damage Implemented ‘impact’ type of damage. It is inflicted by horses trampling infantry. Padded armors have increased resistance against it Rebalanced all types of armor. Armor now has a bonus effects according to required skill Royal armor skill requirement has decreased to 90. Royal armor damage mitigation has increased by 5% compared to Veteran’s armor sets Increased blueprints probability to be dropped during crafting actions from 1% to 5% Minimum speed bonus is 1.0 instead of 5.0. That means that a low speed poke with certain weapons will not cause excessive damage now Doubled velocity multiplier in thrust attack speed bonus calculation Thrusting attacks with Spears cannot be parried now (required 90 Spearman skill) All trebuchet related actions require 60 Demolition skill now You need to inflict at least 5 dmg in order to have a chance to cause a stagger or stun Special attacks reshuffled for the purpose of better usability in combat. Make sure to check out skill book descriptions All melee combat combo chains are lowered to 3 consecutive attacks (instead of 4). Make sure to check skill book for details Combo, special attacks and attacks with Power Strike effect properly ignore parrying now (as it was originally intended) Hit damage type transforms to blunt when hit is blocked by a shield Practice weapons do not require a linen rope now in their crafting recipes. That should make practice weapons more available at earlier stages of development New ‘Siege Torch’ weapon Knight sword moved to hand-and-a-half sword group, Grossmesser moved to the one-handed group. Estoc weapon type changed to two-handed sword Nerfed lances damage multiplier Tweaked unit weight of polearms Partisan weapon is shorter now Increased speed of overhead attacks with two-handed pole weapons Swamps and snow now affect horses speed You can flatten paved tiles now to build structures on them Day cycle min to max range changed to 1- 24 (real life hours per in game day) Bug fixes: Multiple forest and trees related optimizations and bugfixes. We believe that everything related to the forest and individual trees should work faster Pines and spruces have proper collisions now at all growth stages Iron Grip ability should no longer switch player to a peaceful stance Royal horse in an unstoppable gallop state should work properly now Fixed an issue with cooldowns of disabled abilities Fixed a server crash with the barter window Fixed an exploit, which allowed players to shoot volley arrows when angle of sight is lower than 30 degrees to the ground plane Fixed incorrect tiles blocking while terraforming Region audio announcement is no longer sounded when entering the game or returning to already visited region (text notifications are still there) ‘Slaughter’ button is now visible only for players with at least 30 points of Animal Lore skill Fixed huge formation bonus bug. Formation will be dropped on any leader teleport Fixed ‘jump to the sky on a tunnel edge’ bug Autocraft ends when the tool reaches 0 durability Multiple combat mechanics-related bugfixes Fixed some minor chat and chat window related bugs Some other server and client side crash fixes and optimizations Тема на официальном форуме: http://lifeisfeudal.com/forum/lif-your-own-version-1-3-0-1-t23021/ Быстрый перевод от гугл:
  2. by Arrakis » Today, 14:23 Hey everyone, After approximately one week of public beta testing, we’re happy to announce that our 64bit client and server application are stable enough for release! Here are the patch notes covering changes since the previous version patch. Patch notes (ver. New features and tweaks: 64 bit client and server applications released Recipes: Furnace, Big cauldron, Kiln, Tiny Shack, Plaster Tiny Shack, Sign moved from Mat. prep to Construction Recipes: Quern-stone, Potter's wheel moved from Mat. prep to Carpentry Removed ability ‘Create’(id=101) Corrected tabs in building list Recipes: Floor lamp, Archery target, Training dummy, Drying frame, Wine press, Loom, Plough, Tanning Tub moved from Construction to Carpentry Recipes: Stone Stair, Beveled Stone Stair moved from Construction to Masonry Palisade Wall required Construction=20 (instead of 60) Wooden Wall required Construction=30 (instead of 65) Small Stable required Construction=60 (instead of 90) Stone Wall required Masonry=0 (instead of 30) Other minor recipes changes, updated xmls and sqls" Fixed pike and lances combat technique that allowed to swing pike/lance sidewards while performing a thrusting attack to receive an inadequate amount of speed bonus Included some render optimizations Hunger meter is set to 100 after respawn now ‘Dry a Hide’ ability moved from 60 to 30 skill ‘Use Tanning Tub’ ability moved from 60 to 0 ‘Pick Up’ ability moved from 60 to 0 ‘Pick up a Hide’ ability moved from 60 to 30 ‘Hank of wool’ and ‘Wool cloth’ recipes moved from 30 to 60 ‘Thick dried hide’ and ‘Thin dried hide’ recipes moved from 60 to 30 Bug fixes: Fixed a container renaming issue that caused all other containers to have the same name as a renamed one You can sit on a chair inside buildings now Movable objects do not disappear anymore if the unfinished unmovable object was deconstructed in the same cell Normalized the video intro sound volume Fixed a black screen bug that caused loading problems on some hardware specs Water plane no longer moves with a mounted player’s camera mode. You will not see water changing angles when the player is mounted on a hind legged horse. Fixed particle lighting issues Fixed some issues with Invulnerability effect mechanics Fixed a couple of memory leaks that have caused unstable behavior of the application Please keep in mind that crashes are still possible, so we want to thank you in advance for reporting them here, providing comments while reporting and especially for your patience and understanding! We’re not going to officially support the 32bit version any longer. We are going to leave a legacy branch for those users that cannot switch to the 64bit version though, for whatever reason. We are sorry for any inconvenience! - The team ================================================== Быстрый перевод от гугл: Тема на официальном форуме: http://lifeisfeudal.com/forum/64bit-client-and-server-released-1-2-64-5-t22389/
  3. LiF:Your Own (version by Arrakis » Yesterday, 20:46 Patch notes (ver. New features and tweaks: Added Christmas is feudal special set of craftable items - hats, boots and gloves You can now bind yourself to siege tents and keeps. Resurrecting there will significantly decrease your resurrection sickness. Recommended to do only for important warriors in an events involving sieges/raids. Implemented a shiny new GM robe, old GM robe is called "Believer Robe" now. Torch can now be easily made out of basic materials and does not require naphtha. It does not require Demolition skill and deals VERY low siege damage Added new weapon item "Siege Torch". Made with Warfare Engineering from naphtha, required Demolition skill, has normal siege damage Added a loosen snow substance to avoid steep hills being created with snow Added sow, cow and hind wild animals to the game Decreased wild animals chance to inflict wound/fracture/stun Removed ability to block with a pike Defensive fence: damage now dependent on actual durability instead of objects weight Boar and moose attacks damaging sector/reach increased Wild animals should be properly animated on steep terrain tiles Entities: loot, dropped objects, tombstones, corpses are excluded from "Inspect Object" ability Shape ability is now back in Material preparation skill. Mortar and pestle can now be crafted with a branch as other primitive tools Implemented GM log in Database. May be handy for admins to monitor GMs activity Implemented /JT GM command that allows a GM to jump on certain parts of any terrain. Also implemented /invul command, that grants invulnerability to a GM Players should have a proper invulnerability buff, after log in and recall to home. Effect disappears as soon as player starts movement. Adding support of Czech and Korean languages. Bug fixes: Players that have fallen under the terrain should be returned back to the surface automatically Fixed rare crashes on tooltips Fixed formations related bug that could result in a huge defense bonus making player almost invulnerable Fixed GM camera jittering while flying in it Fixed permanently sliding/hanging horses Optimized wild animals navmesh. That should improve performance during maintenance, but might increase new world creation time Fixed emotes sounds Тема на официальном форуме: http://lifeisfeudal.com/forum/lif-your-own-version-1-1-8-0-t21928/ Быстрый перевод от гугл: ====================================================================== LiF:Your Own (version by Arrakis » 45 minutes ago In this patch, we’ve provided a fix to the crops growth algorithm, which was not calculating growth as intended. It now works as intended; crops receive growth increment once sunny weather changes into the shower weather and vice versa. All other types of weather are not taken into account. It takes 4 incrementations before you see the result of the growth (model change). So let’s say that you have had the following weather in the last two weeks in game: Day 1: Sunny Day 2: Shower (+1 growth) Day 3: Shower Day 4: Sunny (+1 growth) Day 5: Shower (+1 growth) Day 6: Cloudy Day 7: Cloudy Day 8: Shower Day 9: Sunny (+1 growth, you’ll see green sprouts) Day 10: Shower (+1 growth) Day 11: Shower Day 12: Cloudy Day 13: Sunny (+1 growth) Day 14: Shower (+1 growth) Day 15: Sunny (+1 growth, you’ll see fully grown crops that can be harvested) After three more growth increments, fully grown crops will rot and disappear. So, as you can see, you need an ideal balance of sun and rain for your crops to grow faster. Spring and early Summer are the best seasons for crop growth, of course! Plus, after this fix, crops should grow significantly faster now. P.S. There are some minor tweaks to the skills progression speeds and stamina they spend.
  4. LiF:Your Own (version by Arrakis » Yesterday, 21:29 Patch notes (ver. New features and tweaks: Falling damage has been re-enabled. Take care jumping now! To satisfy demands of some users we have added new attack direction bindings in the Controls section of the game. You can bind each directional attack to a separate key. Thrusting with a mouse wheel feels so goood Added barefoot effect. You need to wear any type of boots in order to reach fully intended character speed Added a server setting, which can alter the speed of tree growth. It is intended that trees now grow slower. Also, server admins are not required to manually run scripts to remove trees stumps from the gameworld. It is possible to speed up forest growth via two ways: 1. by changing TreeAgingSpeed setting in cm_forest_maintenance.xml before server startup (this will be persistent between server restarts) 2. by changing script variable $ForestMaintenance::treeAgingSpeed via server console (the setting will be reset when you restart the server, may be useful for experimentation) Melee attacks with insufficient skill are 25% slower now (instead of 50%) Crops, trees and livestock growth now strictly depends on weather, which in turn depends on the season Added a bunch of new ingredients and items for armor crafting abilities: "Make Armor" and "Leatherworking" Buffed passive defense to a maximum of 70% if block is active and a maximum of 50% if the shield is in hand but block is not active Fixed Shield block animation The speed that you raise your shield is now dependent on shield weight Crossbows should work more adequately now (reload, shooting, aiming). Crossbow bolts can now be equipped in lower slots. Tweaked throwing weaponry projectile speeds to result in more realistic trajectories New training field model added with tweaked recipes for it Reworked alchemy herbs so they are now easier to spot and target in grass Critical equipment weight is now dependent on Constitution Critical equipped weapon weight is now dependent on Strength Changed parry mechanics. Parrying has a limited duration and stagger chance depending on a weapon’s weight now Added the ability to fight with a spear and shield (Both appropriate skills are required) Added regions and the ability to craft with regional resources has been introduced Veteran and Royal armors are now crafted with blueprints, you can acquire these blueprints by crafting regular armor Inventory no longer has magical healing properties for horses Some weapons now have a chance to stun or knockout an enemy Stun resistance is now dependent on Willpower Each point of Intelligence now gives 2 skill points The quality of metal items is now dependent on metal type. The highest quality weapon is now possible only using Vostaskus steel. Changes made to some building and item recipes WIld animals now walk and turn properly on terrain with proper animations copper ingots, bars, lumps excluded from Common metals group specific metal in some recipes changed to Common metals quality cap of metal items changed to 60-80-100 (iron - steel - Vostascus steel) Sleeper’s moon night has been removed. Perhaps we’ll see it again …someday Bug fixes: Fixed multiple collision related exploits, where players were able to squeeze themselves through closed doors and gates Multiple chat window related fixes and tweaks Recycling of metals now should provide more adequate results Fixed incorrect wild animal AI calculations that caused excessive lag on servers Wild animals’ tracks now correctly lead you to the wild animal Fixed a bug with incorrect weight calculation when moving containers inside your inventory Fixed a rare network related crash Fixed a rare shadows bug, when observing terrain from a high elevation Implemented new webkit support. We expect that ingame tutorials should work properly and be faster and more stable. “Pour on ground” ability will only work in a hostile claim area during Judgement Hour Client runs more smoothly when launching and added a splash screen while the client is loading Быстрый перевод от Гугл: Оригинал новости на официальном форуме: http://lifeisfeudal.com/forum/lif-your-own-version-1-1-7-4-t21261/ Оригинал новости на официальном форуме: http://lifeisfeudal.com/forum/lif-your-own-version-1-1-7-5-t21288/
  5. Новости, которые пока касаются бета серверов. Но, благодаря этим новостям, мы можем заглянуть немного вперёд и узнать что нас всех ждёт в будущем патче, который не за горами. Гугл-перевод новости: Особо можно отметить данные пункты: - We’ve introduced some major physics refactoring, which has removed the “pit of death” collision issues. - Added a barefoot effect. You need to wear any type of boots in order to reach fully intended character speed - Added a server setting that can alter the speed of tree growth. It is intended that trees now grow slower. Also, server admins are not required to manually run scripts to remove trees stumps from the gameworld - Melee attacks with insufficient skill are 25% slower now (instead of 50%) - Crops, trees and livestock growth now strictly depends on weather, which in turn depends on the season - The quality of metal items is now dependent on metal type. The highest quality weapon is now possible only using Vostaskus steel. - Fixed multiple collision related exploits, where players were able to squeeze themselves through closed doors and gates ИМХО вырисовывается вполне себе интересный патч.
  6. Life is Feudal: Your Own The Sleeper’s bloody moon, burning heads on sticks and infernal animals is a sure sign that Halloween has come to Life is Feudal! Plus, in this patch, we are finally releasing a long tested beta branch with two systems, which have been completely rewritten from scratch: animal AI and forest growth algorithms with new bushes. Patch notes (ver. New features and tweaks: Implemented completely new AI behavior and spawning algorithms. Animals should be able to follow you inside buildings, not get stuck between trees, spawn better with less bugs and generally work more adequately, with better performance server side Implemented a new forest growth algorithm. Bush growth is taken into account and the overall performance of growing forests should be improved. The visual aspect of the growth should look better too. Overall speed of forest growth has also been significantly lowered Cells blocked by buildings/tunnels/forest visualization is now client side only. It should increase the performance of ‘Observe Mode’ and make it more responsive Added burning heads on sticks Added Sleeper’s moon visuals. Wolves have demonic eyes now too Added new ability - gathering nuts, which will appear as an inventory item Primitive cooking recipes now available for the big cauldron and kitchen Grass will not grow under buildings, around tunnels and on cells that are blocked by construction or tunnels Bug fixes: Fixed a notorious and elusive bug with tanning tubs and drying racks being bugged out in certain unusual circumstances. This may hopefully also fix similar bugs with campfires and other objects that have lengthy crafting processes Players are now spawned exactly at the same coordinates they logged off from. This is to prevent exploits, which allowed players to log out near castle walls, only to appear on top of it after logging back in Multiple fixes for improper movable objects positioning/drop Traps no longer disable invulnerable players (I.E. spawning on top of the trap) Fixed mines for copper ability duration Some other minor fixes Happy Halloween from the team! Тема на официальном форуме: http://lifeisfeudal.com/forum/halloween-is-when-the-beta-is-released-1-1-5-7-t20957/
  7. Some visual improvements ( by Arrakis » Today, 13:32 Life is Feudal: Your Own Hey everyone, If you follow our development blogs, you’ll probably have seen that we’ve announced some visual changes in our game! If not, don’t worry - you can take a quick glance at those here. This current patch brings those visual changes live to your PCs! Patch notes (ver. New features and tweaks: Reworked the HDR system completely. Make sure to try playing with different settings in the Video options menu Nights have become darker now. Be sure to wield a torch before you go for a wander Eye adaptation effect has been implemented. You can see it while entering or leaving buildings or darker parts of world Ambient lighting has been tweaked to provide better visual quality in shaded areas Added some more minor visual effects and improvements Increased warehouses window size for easier inventory management Repair ability duration changed from 5 seconds to 10-8 seconds Fortifications are harder to repair now Large repair kits are now 10x more effective than the small one Added new trophies (boar, wolf, bull) Reworked some existing models: Campfire, Forge and anvil, Potter's wheel, Quern, Deer Trophy, Masterwork vase, Vase, Winepress, Stone wall sections, Wooden wall sections, Loom, Bed, Bench, Chair, Decorated bed, Expensive bench, Table, Wall Shelf, Sleeping Bag, Throne, Wooden mill, Big Plaster house Bug fixes: Provided a couple of serious client side optimizations, which should increase your FPS in crowded areas Some potential/rare crashes have been fixed Fixed a vulnerability that allowed game servers to be crashed remotely (“Death Star” found by Alakar) Short Pike and Long Pike "wall of pikes" attacks now works as intended Новость на официальном форуме: http://lifeisfeudal.com/forum/some-visual-improvements-1-1-4-4-t20587/
  8. A LOT of server and client optimizations in before the next MMO beta wave( by Arrakis » Today, 15:35 Hey everyone, Once again we want to thank our community for helping us to develop our game! Due to recent load tests that were performed along with our community members, we’ve managed to find some code that was not optimal. Fixing these code parts resulted in a significant server performance boost that can vary from 10% to 25%! We’ve also implemented one of the highly-requested features by our community - an observe mode that can be used while running. Patch notes (ver. New features and tweaks: Implemented new Observe mode that can be enabled by hitting F3 (by default). You can now see terrain tiles altitude and block status while moving. Buildings that were destroyed by decay or by siege damage now destroy all movable object on/inside those buildings. Items that were inside those buildings and movable containers are being dropped into ruins, but partially lost during collapse. Server admins can now setup telnet remote connection to their server console by typing telnetSetParameters(#port#, "fullAccessPass", "readOnlyPass"); Updated wooden keep model Bug fixes: Managed to achieve a significant server side performance boost Fixed a couple of model collision meshes to be more adequate Fixed an overpowered “lance-slashing” combat technique that resulted in enormous amounts of damage Creating screenshots should no longer slightly freeze your client P.S. We’re still working hard with MMO bugs and fixes along with a new Guilds system that took us a bit longer than we’ve expected, to make it work properly. We hope that in a few weeks we will be ready to start wave #1 of the beta tests. Thanks for your patience and support! Новость на официальном форуме: http://lifeisfeudal.com/forum/a-lot-of-server-and-client-optimizations-in-before-the-next-t20372/
  9. Беда. После патча сервера не могу войти. Крашится на этапе инициализации. Подозреваю, что причина в некорректных координатах персонажа на сервере - ехала верхом по склону вулкана. Фикс, плиз!
  10. Thanks for your reports! ( 29 июля - Life is Feudal (Bobik) Hey everyone, Firstly, we’d like to thank everyone who has reported serious bugs, dangerous dupes and any exploits that still existed in our game, until this current patch! Now, we are happy to say that they are all fixed (at least, we hope so!). Thank you for your patience and attention to detail! Patch notes (ver. Bug fixes: Fixed terraforming related tunneling dupe Fixed substance dupe when using fertilizer Fixed rendering of particles when the particles’ source is moving Fixed some objects that were impossible to place/drop if they were damaged Server should no longer crash when trying to destroy your own building on your guild’s claim You can rotate the trebuchet properly now Fixed damaged sapper charge to now blow up with enormous power You can upgrade all guild monuments properly now ============================================================== p.s. Наш сервер будет обновлен в ближайшее время.
  11. Fixes and optimization - it can never be enough ( This collection of bugfixes and optimization makes up our latest patch - it should make your experience within our game smoother and a bit less frustrating. We hope you enjoy it! Patch notes (ver. New features and tweaks: Added some environmental and character jumping sounds Added alchemy ingredients inventory tooltips. You can now see what effects are unlocked for your character not only via alchemy screen Slightly Increased war stance sprinting speed Tweaked ranged weaponry and bombs a little Bug fixes: Greatly reduced “morning lag”, which mostly happened to trees growth calculations. Stay tuned for our new trees growth algorithm that should eliminate necessity for server admins to reduce trees amount in their worlds manually. Fixed a server crash related with wild animals AI Eliminated sky flickering, which happened on some hardware Fixed some GUI disappearance bugs Fixed a bug that prevented the ability to place furniture on the higher floors of your buildings Fixed a bug where you could “overrepair” your weapons with “Maintain” ability P.S. Stay tuned for an upcoming heraldry patch, which should be dropping next week!
  12. 28.01.2016 После буквально месячной охоты за ошибками, отладки и переписывания кода, нам удалось устранить причину самого необузданного падения пользовательского клиента игры, которое мы имели до сих пор! Это наверняка не решит всех проблем вылетов сразу, но мы ожидаем, что по крайней мере 60% вылетов клиентов должны исчезнуть. Пожалуйста, не стесняйтесь отправлять автоматический отчет об ошибке при возникновении вылета на стороне клиента во время игрового сеанса - это большая помощь! Комментарий к патчу Новые особенности и хитрости: Усиливайте образования, увеличивая их размер. Бонус в полном отряде из 10 человек может быть до +50%! Понижена скорость кровотечения. Повышен урон почти у всего одноручного оружия. Понижена анимация скорости атаки кувалды (теперь кувалды будет медленнее) Добавлена сортировка в диалоги создания и постройки/объекты строительства Гильдия имя и титул, теперь отображаются в окне персонажа (P) Реализован полноэкранный вариант видео без границ Теперь пред созданием некоторых предметов реализована проверка на наличие необходимых компонентов для создания Праща слегка подправлена максимальная точность Неудачные попытки приручения все равно увеличивает ваш навык Добавлена польская локализация Исправления ошибок: Исправлена ошибка складывания бонуса удачи Многочисленные исправления графического интерфейса и логики Исправлен редкий случай некоторых персонажей, будучи не в силах вступить в игру и при попытках сделать это приводили к падению сервера Исправлена ошибка, которая показывала некоторые из костров, как “сломанный” Исправлены правила смены музыкального сопровождения Ctrl + клик теперь можно использовать еще раз для перемещения элементов в окно обмена Интерфейс окон, которые находятся за пределами игрового экрана будут перемещены в экран
  13. Вчера 24.12.2015 вышел новый патч. Ниже список, какие изменения и дополнения он вносит в игру. Мы очень много работали, чтобы сделать этот патч и предоставить вам, исправлено множество ошибок и столько же нового контента, насколько это возможно. Мы надеемся вам понравится наша мягкая, Снежная погода и дождь, которые могут повлиять на ваш игровой процесс. Вы можете проверить новые эффекты погоды и ветра наряду с “Белыми штендерами”. Патч ноут (вер. Новые особенности и хитрости: Изменена механика спринта в боевой позиции. Продолжительность спринта теперь ограничена и присутствует короткое восстановление, прежде чем вы сможете снова бежать. Отныне вы должны рассматривать спринт как короткий ситуационный рывок, а не то, что вы бы постоянно использовать в бою. Реализованы продвинутые погодные эффекты, включая влияние ветра на деревья. Каждый сезон будет иметь определенный набор различных типов погоды и каждый тип погоды влияет на темпы роста деревьев, скот и уборку урожаев. Предупреждение частицы снега и дождя могут снизить показатели fps на слабых видео картах - их можно отключить в меню параметров видео. Груды снега сейчас случайным образом созданы в мире из-за снежной погоды (могут быть отключены через Настройки сервера). Они будут таять при других типах погоды, или вы можете удалить их с помощью вашей способности терраформинг и использовать снег в качестве материала для создания снежков и снеговиков! Добавлен захват анимации движений с разными видами оружия и некоторые другие позиции боевых движений. Реализованы ловушки для крупных зверей. Наступив на них они сработают один раз, игроки, лошади и дикие животные получают умеренное количество повреждений и остаются в течение короткого промежутка времени. Наблюдайте за тем, куда вы наступаете! Подправили баллистику некоторых дальнобойных орудий, в том числе урон против зданий из камня огненными стрелами. Добавлены рецепты для массового производства древесного угля, стекла и ткани. Теперь вы можете вращать камеру, пока сидите, отдыхаете или собираете, удерживая кнопку “V”. Появилась возможность отслеживать по заметным следам. Теперь вы можете отличить по следам тип животного которого вы собираетесь найти. Обновлено несколько художественных умений и добавлено создание снежков и снеговиков, которые могут быть использованы для развлечений или для создания снежных крепостей! Исправления ошибок: Исправлено несколько сбоев на стороне клиента (ожидается большее количество исправлений “скоро™”). Исправлен вид и поведение камеры от 1-го и 3-го лица в некоторых ситуациях. Исправлены ошибки сетевого кода, которые приводил к искажениям моделей лошадей и игроков, а так же вызывали дрожание без видимых причин. Исправлено несколько ошибок касающихся рендеринга и визуализации. Исправлены некоторые баги взаимодействия с памятником Гильдии. Молитва на возврат домой больше не закинет вас на крышу, если у вас есть кровать в доме. Боевые кони могут теперь быть должным образом приобретенные через ГМ команды. Лошади в настоящее время размножаются в конюшне должным образом. Исправлена ошибка, при которой некоторые диалоговые окна исчезали еще до того, как пользователь успел произвести действие. Вам больше не нужно вручную возвращаться в боевую позицию после того, как вы отдышались во время боя. Исправлена ошибка связанная с обманом терраформирования. Исправлен результат выбора цели главным образом, связанный с деревом выделения/подсветкой. P.s. Администраторы серверов/GMs могут использовать консольную команду: /weather snowy , чтобы включить снежную погоду на текущий день. Оригинальная новость.